Report a Cruelty Crime

        Rosey as she was brought in for initial examination    
      Rosey after being in the care of CGHS/SPCA for one month  

  • The Columbia-Greene Humane Society is chartered as an SPCA, which gives our investigators authority to make arrests for any illegal mistreatment of animals. Our cruelty unit provides 24/7 coverage for animals who have fallen victim to cruel situations.
  • Together, our investigators have decades of combined experience in animal cruelty investigation. All investigators are licensed NYS Peace Officers. In addition, we have a veterinary advisory committee that assists with each animal cruelty case. These veterinarians are highly respected professionals, and are an essential element of our cruelty team.
  • CGHS/SPCA investigators respond to more than five hundred animal cruelty complaints each and every year. Many of these complaints involve owners in need of information and guidance. Cruelty investigators take this opportunity to educate individuals who may be unaware of the proper care for their animals. Our policy is to not remove animals from their homes unless the owner violates NYS animal cruelty laws. In addition, our investigators assist state, county and local police departments every year with animal cruelty.
  • We feel that preventing animal cruelty is a cornerstone of our organization. We are able to provide this service to animals because of your support and we thank you. To report a situation, please call our Cruelty Unit at at (518) 828-6044 ext. 6.


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