• By joining this club you will sponsor the adoption of one or more cats, which will enable our Shelter to waive the usual adoption fee, thus encouraging much needed cat adoptions.

    This club is an innovative program that has resulted in the adoption of some of our very long-term residents. This club was developed in part to encourage people to adopt who would love to own a cat but who, because of financial constraints, would find it difficult to pay the adoption fee, such as some senior citizens. An increased adoption rate decreases the time our cats stay at the Shelter, enables us to accept more homeless cats each month and helps our Shelter continue to maintain its policy of not euthanizing cats for space constraints.

    To become a member of the Fund a Feline Club, you simply donate the $60 adoption fee for each feline you wish to sponsor, and each sponsorship will be associated with a specific cat or kitten at the Shelter. Money received for this club will be dedicated to paying for sponsored cat adoptions. For more information on the Fund a Feline Club, you can email us on the Contact page, or call us at (518) 828-6044 ext. 102.

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