Tips for Finding a Lost Pet

Look Around

• Take a slow drive or walk around the neighborhood asking neighbors if they’ve seen your pet.

• Check under porches and ask neighbors to check in garages or sheds just in case your pet was accidentally locked in.

Make Some Calls

• Your first calls should be to all the animal control agencies, Humane Societies and rescue groups in your area. One of them could very well have your pet or have been in contact with someone who does. 

Create a Flyer

• Make sure to include your pet’s breed, sex, age, color, and identifying features along with the location and time lost.

• If you have a photograph, use it.

• Provide your name and two phone numbers

Post your Flyers

• Veterinary practices
• Pet supply & pet grooming shops
• Gas Stations
• Post Offices

Ask permission before posting your flyers!

Don’t Give Up! Pets are sometimes found months after being lost.


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