Marvin's Fund

  • In 2005, an Animal Control officer notified the Shelter they had picked up a dog that was found wandering in the middle of a busy road in Catskill. The dog was horribly emaciated. He had mange, ringworm and a handful of other infections, including in his eyes. This was by far one of the worst examples of animal neglect we at CGHS/SPCA had ever experienced. We named the dog Marvin. We sent photos of Marvin to the press hoping to find the individual who had perpetrated such a crime on this poor animal. We never found the person responsible for this crime; however, there was an outpouring of support from the community for Starvin’ Marvin.

    Marvin (now Alfie) was adopted and lives a wonderful life with Gail and Tony Cashen. In honor of Starvin’ Marvin, we have created a restricted fund dedicated to this amazing dog that persevered through insurmountable odds with the help of CGHS/SPCA and our supporters. This fund is for the sole purpose of rehabilitating animals that come to us in dire need of medical services that exceed the limits of our medical budget. These dollars, which are tax deductible, will go directly for the medical rehabilitation needs of our animals that would otherwise be outside our reach. Please remember that CGHS/SPCA receives no federal, state or county funding, and we never euthanize animals for space constraints.

    For more information on Marvin’s Fund, you can call Ron Perez, President/Investigator (518) 828-6044 prompt 8 or e-mail him at To give now to Marvin’s Fund, please visit our Online Donations page.

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