Spay or Neuter Services

CGHS/SPCA is committed to making sure that every adopted animal we place is spayed or neutered. Most companions have their surgery even before being placed up for adoption.

We also offer a low-cost feline spaying and neutering clinic to the public at our Shelter most Fridays. The cost is $65.00 per cat, which includes the surgery, a rabies vaccine, a distemper vaccine and nail trimming.

At the clinic, we also offer a combination test for feline leukemia and FIV (feline AIDS) for a fee of $25.00, a feline leukemia test for $20.00, and flea and tick prevention for a $10.00 fee.

For additional information about this program or go on our waiting list for your cat, you can complete our online form or call us at (518) 828-6044 ext. 5.

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