Before You Decide to Surrender a Pet

The animal in your home and care, who unconditionally loves you, is dependent on and attached to you. Before deciding to surrender him or her to a shelter or rescue organization, you owe this animal to take every reasonable step to overcome any problems threatening their remaining in the home with you. The State of New York is still suffering from a pet overpopulation crisis. Over 21,000 dogs and 40,000 cats were surrendered to New York shelters in 2009 alone! We receive dozens of requests daily to take in new animals. We wish we could help each and every one, but our space and resources are limited.

Here are just some of the reasonable steps you should take, any of which may solve the dilemma that is now threatening your pet’s home.

For either medical or behavioral issues, please consult with your veterinarian for guidance. Veterinarians every day help their clients effectively handle medical and behavioral problems. 

Consult with a dog trainer or other animal professional for guidance. If your dog needs obedience training, there are many good programs in our community at reasonable cost. We recommend Charlene Marchand 518-766-3804. Your veterinarian can recommend other options as well. 

If you need temporary or long-term boarding, there are many options in our community. There are boarding facilities with a wide range of prices, and many veterinary clinics and hospitals now offer short-term and long-term boarding too. 

If you are moving, it is now relatively easy to safely transport animals to your new home. Please do not surrender an animal just because you think it will be too difficult to transport him or her to a new location. It will be much more difficult on the animal to surrender him to the shelter. 

If you are moving to a new apartment, it is not difficult to find apartment communities that allow companion animals. Before signing a new lease, ensure that your animal(s) will be welcome, or look for new housing! 

Call us and ask for help! Our staff is well-trained to help you with any problem you may have. 

In conclusion, your animal needs you! Rise to the challenges so that your family can remain intact, human and companion animal alike. Please make your final decision carefully, exhausting all reasonable steps before surrendering him or her to a shelter.

© Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA 2013